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Do some good in North Carolina. :)

better your world, begin locally

Do some good in North Carolina :)
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Opportunies to better NC and/or the global community through volunteerism & philanthropy
This community focuses on volunteer and philanthropic activities/ opportunities available in North Carolina. If you hear about something that hasn't been posted, feel free to do so. Really, the sky is the limit people.

Some examples of philanthropic activities are charity walks/marathons, litter pick ups, organized trail maintenance (in a city/state park, etc.), volunteering for a rape crisis center or women's shelter, and so on.

Some basic guidelines:

* Be respectful of others.

* Posts can include activities connected with national organizations as long as those activities/ volunteer opportunities are available in North Carolina. For example, promoting something like National Dark Skies Week is fine because we in NC can participate as well. Light pollution is an issue in this state as in many others.

In addition, info about local goings on is warmly welcomed!

* Posting links to legitimate charitable organizations is perfectly fine. Soliciting donations on behalf of yourself or another individual/family/non-charitable group, however, is not. If I see any posts resembling "I need/so and so needs money for _________, can you help me/them out?", those posts will be removed.

* DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of the organizations/charities spotlighted on this community.

*Be Safe: It's up to you to further investigate any organization to decide if it is right for you. Do your research and find out as much as you can before volunteering. Google, ask around at reputable charity organizations, make queries at your local law enforcement agency. Just be informed, careful and responsible. If your instincts tell you something is wrong, LISTEN to them.
That being said, I am not responsible for any potential risk (bodily or otherwise) to anyone who decides to pursue these opportunities. The ultimate responsibility for your personal safety is yours.

* Please, please be careful about donating money to any organization or individual without investigating first. Charities/non profit groups are designated as such by the federal government. If you're unsure about the status of a particular group, you can look here
at the IRS homepage or here at Charity Navigator.
Again, the onus is on you to thoroughly research any organization before donating your valuable time, money, and energy.

Last but not least: please have fun and feel good about yourself! Giving back to your community and state is a wonderful thing. :)